Refund/Cancel Policy

Welcome to Merlion Mart

These Terms and Conditions govern your use of the Merlion Mart website ( and your relationship with Merlion Mart (“we”, “us”, “our”, the “Website”). We welcome customers to browse and compare prices. It is important that you go through the policies and understand them before registration.

This set of Terms and Conditions will help you understand how Merlion Mart operates and ensures that we serve you fairly and properly. Only registered customers are able to place orders through Merlion Mart. Guest shoppers may only browse but cannot place orders.


Payment information is transmitted through a secure payment channel using our secure server and Secure Socket Layer. Once payment mode has been selected and order has been submitted, any changes on payment mode is not possible.

Merlion Mart reserves the right to change the mode or method of payment for Products offered online at any time by announcement via its website, email blasts and any other means of public communications.

Refund/Return/Exchange Policy

Customers have to report on any order discrepancies/dissatisfaction within 7 days from receipt of order. If customers has a product deemed to be defective in any way, it has to be returned to us within one day. All Products leaving our distribution centre have been checked for quality and accurate quantity. However, we will put up a refund request for items that are not satisfactory and/or for any order discrepancies.Transport fees may apply for exchanges.